Euric Mission


Your representation, our mission

EuRIC’s commitment is to represent the interests of the European recycling industries. Our primary missions are:

  • to act as the trusted interface between the industry and the European Union;
  • to bridge local industry needs with the EU decision-making bodies;
  • to serve as a platform for information, cooperation and exchange of best practices on all European recycling matters;
  • to provide the needed expertise to authorities, by taking advantage of the long-term experience of its members in recycling activities;
  • to foster an open, constructive, fact based dialogue with all the stakeholders across the value chain.
  • to promote the economic, environmental and societal benefits of recycling;

Our Services:

  • Monitoring & assessing the impact EU policies on the sector
  • Advising our Members about practical issues stemming from EU regulatory matters
  • Informing our Membership & Agreeing on Industry Positions
  • Advocating the recycling industries’ positions to EU institutions
  • Organising events to promote recycling at European level
  • Fostering contacts within the recycling community across Europe